Headlight Restoration

As one of the critical piece of equipment in your vehicle, headlights should always be fully functional. However, since most headlights feature a polycarbonate plastic, they become cloudy over time. Before considering a replacement, try the following tips on restoring the shine on the lights.

  • Before the headlight restoration process, you will to sufficiently prep the lights. Start by cleaning most of the grime with glass cleaner and water. You can dry each light using a microfiber towel. Tape the area around the lights to preserve the paint.
  • To bring the shine on your lights, you will need to buy a repair kit from your nearby auto parts retailer. Use the sandpaper from the package to sand off the gray plastic.
  • Although sanding off the top layer removes the dirt, it at the same time eliminates the UV protection layer. Use the UV protectant in the kit to apply a new coat. This step is necessary and should not be skipped.

If your lights are still foggy even after the above steps, visit Rancho Santa Margarita Honda for a thorough check-up and possible replacement.


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