Testing Your Car Battery Easily Using a Voltmeter

Testing your car battery can easily be done using a voltmeter, protective eyeglasses, and a decent pair of work gloves. Once the car engine is off, put your safety glasses and work gloves on when working near a car battery.

The voltmeter is made of two cables. The red cable is attached to the positive battery terminal first, followed by the black cable going to the negative side of the battery. The voltmeter will show 12.4 when the car battery is strong and holding a charge. If the voltmeter shows the battery has dropped to 12.2 or below, then it doesn't have the ability to hold a charge. The battery might not be able to crank over the car and you may wind up needing to get jumped.

If you have concerns about the car battery, stop by our Honda service department today and we'll give the car a charging system service check.


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