Periodic Tire Rotation is Often Necessary

The tires on the wheels that are powered directly from the engine commonly suffer more wear and tear. For front-wheel vehicles, this applies to the front tires. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, the rear tires suffer. There might also be uneven wearing along the tire's edges. In order to maintain proper fuel efficiency and handling, the tires must be rotated according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If a tire mishap should occur and the tires have not been rotated, your warranty may become null and void.

By having your tires inspected and rotated as needed, you ensure the safety and efficiency of your vehicle. Along with inspecting the tread depth and signs of wear, our Rancho Santa Margarita experienced technicians also check to see if the tires are inflated properly. We then make the necessary corrections so that you can be on your way.

Stop in at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda and let us help you prolong the life of your tires.


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