How Can a Backup Camera Help You?

There are a number of great features that can help you enjoy a safer drive. The backup camera is one of these, designed to reduce the risk of back-over accidents that could injure children, pets or others too small to be seen in the rear-view mirror. Understanding safety technology can help you make the right decision when choosing your next car.

Backup cameras are standard in passenger cars as of 2018, but they're featured in many previous models as well. Different cars have different types of cameras, depending on the technology used. For example, some cameras have a narrow lens, while others have a wide or fish-eye lens to capture a larger view. Some transmit images through wires while other use wireless or Bluetooth connections.

You can try out a range of models with different backup cameras when you visit us at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda. Come in for a test drive and try it for yourself.



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