Things to Think About When Hiring a Good Mechanic

Running into problems with your car sets a course for a number of hassles. Picking the wrong mechanic further adds to all those hassles. Don’t compound the problem by not performing proper due diligence when hiring a mechanic.

Avoid making false or premature assumptions. Just because a garage is in operation doesn't mean management employs the most qualified people. Check to make sure the mechanics affiliated with the garage hold specific and credible professional certifications. Avoid making judgments based on ambiguous feedback, such as seeing a lot of cars parked on the garage's lot.

Don’t dismiss the look of the garage either. A dirty and disorganized garage doesn’t exactly speak well about how management and mechanics approach their craft. Someone who can’t straighten out a front desk probably won’t be the ideal choice to look under your hood.

At Rancho Santa Margarita Honda, we strive to hire prepared mechanics for any job. We strive to help drivers get their cars fixed right.



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