What To Do Before Using Your Vehicle to Tow

If you plan on towing, you should first determine the amount of weight that the vehicle can safely haul. Furthermore, a check should be done to make sure that the brakes and towing lights work. This can help keep other drivers safe while on the road. You can reduce the chances of an accident occurring by using towing mirrors.

It is critical that you practice driving while towing before going on a public road. 

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Crossovers are the Answer for Your Family

Driving a crossover is the ideal choice for most families. With the toughness and durability of an SUV and the smaller and faster responsiveness of a car, these spacious and comfortable vehicles offer the best of both worlds. Just like their SUV cousins, they have high cabins for great views of the road, and you can put your kids, their friends and even the dog inside for a trip around town.

Crossovers today have many new features. Stylish designs are constantly evolving, and new technology infotainment options abound. 

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Carpooling Tips: Start the New School Year Off Right!

We at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda love giving safety tips to clients who want to start a new carpool. The start of a school year is a great time to get involved with other parents in the community and organize a carpool.

When you start a carpool, make a list of rules and information for all potential families that want to join. Then, request information about the vehicle they will use, the driver and the days they have available. You should also know how many seats will be available in each vehicle. 

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How Can a Backup Camera Help You?

There are a number of great features that can help you enjoy a safer drive. The backup camera is one of these, designed to reduce the risk of back-over accidents that could injure children, pets or others too small to be seen in the rear-view mirror. Understanding safety technology can help you make the right decision when choosing your next car.

Backup cameras are standard in passenger cars as of 2018, but they're featured in many previous models as well. Different cars have different types of cameras, depending on the technology used. 

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Reduce Your Distractions Behind the Wheel with New Vehicle Technology

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents in the US. Before heading out on the road, we here at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda wanted to give you some tips for reducing those distractions.

Eat food while off the road. Messy foods can fall onto the carpet, affecting your focus. If you’re on a long trip, take breaks at a rest area or off the road and take the time to have a snack or meal, so that you’re energized when you’re back on the road. 

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How About Considering a Hatchback for a New Car?

If you spent your entire car-consuming life purchasing a sedan, you may not see the benefits associated with a hatchback. You might want to consider a hatchback for your next purchase. There are some major positives to owning a hatchback.

The obvious benefit to a hatchback is cargo space. If you are transporting a lot of personal belongings, opening up the hatch and folding down the seats delivers more of that necessary space. Better yet, a hatchback does so without compromising sleek looks. 

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Things to Think About When Hiring a Good Mechanic

Running into problems with your car sets a course for a number of hassles. Picking the wrong mechanic further adds to all those hassles. Don’t compound the problem by not performing proper due diligence when hiring a mechanic.

Avoid making false or premature assumptions. Just because a garage is in operation doesn't mean management employs the most qualified people. Check to make sure the mechanics affiliated with the garage hold specific and credible professional certifications. Avoid making judgments based on ambiguous feedback, such as seeing a lot of cars parked on the garage's lot. 

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Tips For Cleaning Your Car's Tires

After the long winter, your entire vehicle probably needs a good cleaning both inside and out. When it comes to your tires, this area of your vehicle can look pretty run down and dirty after driving through salt and more. You can do a good cleaning of your tires yourself but be sure to use some quick tips to make the job easier and more effective.

  • Different tires are made of different materials. Make sure you use products that are designed for your specific type and brand of tire.
  • Pick a brush that is designed for cleaning tires. You don…
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Are Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

The Honda parts and service professional at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda want to make sure all drivers in our community know the difference between tire types for improved safety and performance. All-season tires are great for some times of the year, but not necessarily summer. Should you consider switching yours out for summer tires?

Summer tires are specifically designed to improve handling in the hotter months, reduce braking distance, and grip the road surfaces better. The summer tires don't have as many of the grooves in the treads as the all-season tires. 

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Testing Your Car Battery Easily Using a Voltmeter

Testing your car battery can easily be done using a voltmeter, protective eyeglasses, and a decent pair of work gloves. Once the car engine is off, put your safety glasses and work gloves on when working near a car battery.

The voltmeter is made of two cables. The red cable is attached to the positive battery terminal first, followed by the black cable going to the negative side of the battery. The voltmeter will show 12.4 when the car battery is strong and holding a charge. If the voltmeter shows the battery has dropped to 12.2 or below…

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