About Leasing a New Honda in Orange County, CA

Leasing a Honda Model at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda: The Facts You Need to Know

The time has come to think about financing a brand new Honda Civic or Accord here in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, and you've got your eyes on leasing as your preferred choice. But before you proceed with leasing the new Honda model of your dreams, you've got some questions. Here at Rancho Santa Margarita Honda, we're happy to say we have answers, and have decided to address many of your inquiries in one overview on the leasing process here at our Orange County dealership.

Leasing: What is it?

A common question that may seem obvious on the surface but is frequently asked here at our dealership: what is leasing?

There is always value in freshening up on financial terms and what they mean, with leasing an important way you can finance a new Honda CR-V. Simply put, leasing can be viewed as a long-term rental agreement between both parties, allowing you to drive a new model for a contractually set period of time before returning it to the dealership when the time permits. This usually entails a down payment, monthly payments and a term length set in the negotiations prior to financing the vehicle.


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Leasing vs Buying: What do I need to know?

With leasing and buying both on the table as viable options, you may be conflicted as to the key differences of both financing options. This is not an issue, as our finance team experts are happy to walk through both alternatives with you in person! The main difference in the two options is fairly straightforward - outright ownership. Buying gives you sole possession of the vehicle, free of limitations on miles and free to do whatever you please as far as selling the vehicle, making enhancements and beyond. The benefits of leasing lie in the flexible nature of the agreement, as you're able to pick out a new vehicle to lease or drive at the end of a lease agreement with the option to buy your current daily driver if you prefer to.

We welcome all drivers from Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Corona, Laguna Beach and Mission Viejo, CA, to consult the expertise of our finance team here in Orange County to learn more about our leasing and financing options, and to get started on financing a new Honda model.

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