Tips For Cleaning Your Car's Tires

After the long winter, your entire vehicle probably needs a good cleaning both inside and out. When it comes to your tires, this area of your vehicle can look pretty run down and dirty after driving through salt, slush, snow and more. You can do a good cleaning of your tires yourself but be sure to use some quick tips to make the job easier and more effective.

  • Different tires are made of different materials. Make sure you use products that are designed for your specific type and brand of tire.
  • Pick a brush that is designed for cleaning tires. You don't want to use anything that would shred the material or scratch it.
  • Use a gentle product on the inside of the wheels so you don't chip or damage the paint.
  • Dry your tires when you are done cleaning them. You can use a tire black product to make them look new again at this point.

If you need service done on your tires or are questioning if you need a new set, stop by our Honda service facility in Santa Margarita, CA today so we can help you.

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